About The Caribbean Desalination Association (CaribDA)
is a non-profit organization and represents members/sponsors
from the Caribbean desalination and water reuse
communities, utilities, industries, academia and government.
About CaribDA
CaribDA volunteers traveled to Haiti to train our local partners
at PADF in the assembly, use and care of the Sawyer units.
PADF distributed 217 water filtration systems to 71 schools in southern Haiti
thanks to donations from CaribDA members.
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The Young Leaders’ Program (YLP) is open to all students
and young professionals working in or seeking to work
in the desalination and water reuse sectors,
in or serving the Greater Caribbean region.
CaribDA Young Leaders Program
CaribDA provides a forum to exchange information,
share experiences and knowledge, obtain training.
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of water treatment resources and
professional organizations.
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Welcome to CaribDA

The Caribbean Desalination Association is committed to the development and promotion of the appropriate use of desalination, desalination technology and water reuse in the Caribbean region in particular. We endeavor to achieve these goals by sharing desalination experiences, latest technological and regional advancements, knowledge, resources and best practices. We will focus the region on all new opportunities available to promote efficient and cost effective solutions for desalination and water reuse and to achieve highest reliability and water quality.

About CaribDA

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