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The Caribbean Desalination Association is committed to the development and promotion of the appropriate use of desalination, desalination technology and water reuse in the Caribbean region in particular. We endeavor to achieve these goals by sharing desalination experiences, latest technological and regional advancements, knowledge, resources and best practices. We will focus the region on all new opportunities available to promote efficient and cost effective solutions for desalination and water reuse and to achieve highest reliability and water quality.

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Bahamas Donation Drive - Help the Bahamas recover from Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian pummeled the Bahamas as a powerful Category 5 storm, leaving behind widespread damage to homes, businesses, and essential infrastructure. The Caribbean Desalination Association (CaribDA) encourages those who wish to support the relief efforts to donate to the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF).

PADF and CaribDA
Bahamas Donation Drive: Donate Now

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